At Pro Blo Group, it's simple! We love hair and the endless opportunities it gives us to express ourselves.

Connected through a friend & a dodgy coffee, it was very clear to us that there was so much more than the proposed eBay brand in Pro Blo. CEO Rebecca McCann gave us the reins & allowed us to use our experience in brand design to create & evolve Pro Blo right from the beginning. We developed the brand with brand articulation, lots of conversations & exploration, from seeing an early prototype of the product it was clear to us it was going to change the landscape within the hair industry. We knew we needed to bring a bold & punchy identity to the market to cut through the noise.

Luxury & affordable, were core values within the positioning of Pro Blo. The colour palette was unapologetic & confident influencing the product design from top to bottom. Aspirational photography style was developed to illustrate the product use & bring a high fashion feel that fit with the core values. The packaging was key to bring the brand to market, brands at a similar or higher value, were seriously lacking in shelf standout which gave us a clear position & voice in-store. Inspired by Rebecca's motto "Say yes & make it happen", we did just that!

- Brand identity
- Brand strategy
- Packaging design
- Art direction

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