Client // Mamas & Papas
Project // National Product Brand Advertising Campaign
Role // design & print management

Mylo is Mamas & Papas leading product, at the forefront of design within the nursery industry, very different in its design & attitude so we needed to create a campaign that suited that ethos. We repositioned Mylo within the minds of parents, so that they understood that Mylo was a premium product with real attitude & a designer edge & that it doesn’t shy away from being exactly what it is. The campaigns leading line ‘Never forget your first time’ was a play on words, it had a cheeky sexual reference but it was really directed at the product; the first time you saw Mylo, the first time you touched it, pushed it, being seen with it; it was all about you knowing you had a premium product & wanted to be seen with it. Its a very brave campaign & we love it.