“A man's desire for a son is usually nothing but the wish 
to duplicate himself in order that such a remarkable 
pattern may not be lost to the world”

ManCub’s mission is to outwardly represent the strong and unparalleled bond between a father and his son and families. A deep down belief that all dads want their sons to follow in their footsteps and emulate them - Mancub makes this vision possible. 'Family is heritage; style is inherited'.

- Mancub website

A fashion & lifestyle brand aimed at a niche market required a dual identity that worked together & independently on & off the product, packaging & digital. Aspirationally positioned to all members of the family the wolf icon was created to appeal too & represent both Man & his Cub. Photography style was developed to have a global reach but feel aspirational & accessible at the same time.

- Brand identity
- Brand strategy
- Art direction

Mancub_garment_detail_2560 x1440
Mancub_postersite_detail_2560 x1440
Mancub_postersite_2560 x1440