Fredrick Jackson is a progressive contemporary British lifestyle brand, inspirited by 1910. They live by the ethos of "timeless design that enriches life"- a belief that echoes throughout the brand.

Their story begins in 1910, in a small bedroom at the heart of Oxfordshire. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, self-employed tailor Fredrick meticulously handcrafted men's fashion for his loyal clientele.

Inspired by the heritage of Fredrick Jackson we instilled a core influence of Britishness at the heart of the brand, attention to detail, craftsmanship & design were key attributes we focussed on.

A timeless brand identity was created with logotype & detachable signifier to be used to represent Fredrick on products & packaging as a signoff & key marque.
The photography style developed for online & brand content is purely focussed on product quality, to reinforce the core brand messaging of handcrafted accessible products from Fredrick Jackson.

Fredrick Jackson website

- Brand design
- Brand strategy
- Product design
- Packaging design
- Digital design
- Art direction
- E-commerce website

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'English refinement and aesthetic flair are key ingredients for many different types of accessories but, as far as watches are concerned, you’ll see few brands capturing the essence of being British better than the guys at Fredrick Jackson and their superb range of Tailor timepieces' - The Coolector

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